Mr T. Meenakshi Sundaram, Mr TamilNadu

OLYMPIA Fitness Center

Thanks for visiting our website and it is our immense pleasure to welcome you to Olympia Fitness Center - an airconditioned unisex gym and fitness club in Madurai.

We provide customized training program accessing individual physical fitness with specialist trainers on hand. Our user friendly unisex gym has all modern equipments to cover cardio, weight management and fitness. We also provide nutrition plan and supplement guidance. We guarantee a caring, fun-filling and motivating environment which would definitely help to meet all your physical well being goals.

Meenakshi Sundaram the 7th times title winner of Mr. Tamil Nadu is the founder and prime fitness advisor of Olympia fitness center. Gym is not a business for him, but life. When he was small he started gymming just as a sport, slowly gymming became his breath. Today gymming is part and parcel of his life. As gymming is main source of his energy, he felt it is his social responsibility to spread this energy for fellow humans as far as he can, which led him to open this gym. Olympia fitness center is an institute to serve people more than a business to him.